"Top 10 must-see exhibition" (CNN)

1 million bricks, 100 sculptures, 1,900m2 of creativity. "Dreams are built... one brick at a time." Nathan Sawaya.
Welcome to Nathan Sawaya's incredible LEGO® art! You dreamt of it, Nathan Sawaya has made it a reality. An exhibition for all ages. The Art of the Brick more than 1,900m2 of exhibition space submerges the visitor in the fun and colourful, though sometimes disconcerting, world of Nathan Sawaya. The artist, who just in this exhibition has used over a million LEGO® bricks, is the creator of thought- and smile-provoking works for young and old.

The visitor will come across plenty of wondrous creations, like Rodin's The Thinker, the North Rose Window of Chartres Cathedral and even a six-metre-long dinosaur made of 80,020 LEGO® bricks.

Don't wait any longer to take up this unique opportunity and visit one of CNN's ten must-see exhibitions in the world! At the end of the exhibition, there is a play zone with LEGO® bricks and DC COMICS™ videogames so that you can let your creativity run wild!